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Youngstown, Ohio Mission

To Ohio and Beyond. . .

Dave Niec (Too Busy)

K-Dogs Kidz Mission President

Currently being handled by K-Dogs Kidz Lawrence County.  Still including Dave and Michael from Ohio.

In 2020 Dave (Too Busy) reached out to K-Dogs Kidz about possibly joining.  Having a child with autism, understanding how to help and adjust for his son,  is perfect for K-Dogs.    Dave was willing and ready to join and travel anywhere needed.  The founder seen this enthusiasm and decided to ask Dave to join, get the mission ideas.  Then, see about starting the mission locally as the first out of state mission.  A mixture of shock, excitment and a bit frightening had him ready to attempt this.  

As most everything Dave does, he would put his all into this startup.   Seeing the smiles a member can create in a child, had him hooked.  It didn't take long to have a child needing issues help with neighbors that basically had no real understanding of autism.  Perfect situation to begin!  As the first year was completeing, their was a strong presence of the perfect members to start this mission.  Each member had their own reason that bought them together as family.   All have their own strenghts that work great as a team.  K-Dogs has never been about the numbers of members.  It has always been about the care a member has to truly make a difference.  

Dave gets things moving by using the strenghts of everyone around him.  He will be helping a child with full attention, grab his phone and setup a house showing plus a contract for a new home purchase to put a smile on the start of another chapter in the life of a family.  We wanted a word from Dave directly.  Howerver, without a child in trouble...he was just "Too Busy" for a comment.  LOL

Ohio's help has been amazing

Not a single area has ever jumped out to help K-Dogs the way Youngstown has.  K-Dogs Kidz Mission has been covered internationally for activities.  Youngstown news 21, called out for an interview on not something K-Dogs was doing.  They wanted to spead the word of what K-Dogs has done in Pa and welcome K-Dogs to Youngstown!  Never has the news came directly to K-Dogs to express their excitement of being in their area.  

Even the motorcycle community came out in swarms to welcome this first Motorcycle Mission in the area.  An amazing support member Lt. Dan was a blessing to get the word out for what K-Dogs does.  Never had so many MC's jump out wanting to assist so fast in any area.  Everyone understands, K-Dogs Kidz is strictly a Mission that claims no territory.  K-Dogs travels anywhere possible to reach a child in trouble.

A slowdown due to Covid shutdowns, but we see Youngstown as becomeing the next complete K-Dogs Chapter.

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