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Mission  Areas

National Mission Office

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Allegheny  Mission PA

Allegheny Mission PA

Lawrence Chapter PA

Youngstown Mission Ohio

Your Town ???

An event to bring children together. One special day each month for various activities.

A day for elementary children that might be shy and need a safe place to go. K-Dogs Kidz Zone is designed for the shy, children having issues fitting in, may have been bullied or have disabilities.

K-Dogs helps Kidz understand how great it is to get along with everyone. K-Dogs teaches Kindness and how unique every child is.

Be Yourself,


Everyone Else

. . . Is Taken ❤️

Open to children in Lawrence County and surrounding areas. K-Dogs will also send a couple members to meet any child if needed to make them feel comfortable before attending.

Adult Membership Minimum Requirements

  • Passing Required Criminal Background Check

  • Child Clearance Required by State

  • Mentoring Membership Approval

K-Dogs Kidz Junior Leadership Program

  • Child's Family Member MUST Become a K-Dogs Member

  • Designed to Make this Child a Leader to the Kidz

  • Minimal Yearly Requirements

Chapters vs Missions

  • Membership numbers and Officers

  • Indepentdant Chapter Donations

  • Mission Fund Donations

Community Outreach

  • Anti-Bullying Program

  • Children with Disabilities

  • A Voice For Innocent Children (Help and/or Referral)

  • Find Out How To Start a K-Dogs in Your AREA

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