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Kyle (The Original K-Dog)

Out of everything Kyle had going on great in his life, one thing stood out to everyone.  Kyle was known for his kindness.  The main idea of K-Dogs Kidz Mission is simple.  Only based on Kyle questioning why some people couldn't just treat others as they would want to be treated.  K-Dogs is explaining this in a way to get everyone excited.  Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you?  Turns out that was wrong.

Kyle was a gifted student in the GATE advanced program.  His name of K-Dog came at the young age of 4 as teenagers lined up to try and beat him on the video game Guitar Hero.  At 5 Kyle started lessons for the electric guitar and by 9 was starting to do riffs by the guitar legend Slash.  Kyle was a Black Belt in mixed Martial Arts, he swam with dolphins, sharks and stingrays.  Kyle even got to walk on the bottom of the ocean around a sunken ship.  Kyle dreamed of becoming the 1st Rockstar/Marine Biologist.  

Most importantly, Kyle was my son. 

Kyle's life ended to early at the age of 11 in a tragic car accident.  An accident that never should of happen.  Every wrong decision for Kyle's safety was in force.  Not done on purpose, so for Kyle, God and myself. . .It is forgiven.  The bad choices causing his death do not need my forgiveness. 

Kyle's name lives on thanks to the members of K-Dogs Kidz Mission continuing what he believed in.

Funny and silly.  Being around Kyle was always a special time.  Loved and missed by his father every second and by everyone that knew Kyle.  Know one will ever forget Kyle as K-Dogs Kidz carries on his name.  Continuing to change the world from the Heavens.

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