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K-Dogs  Kidz  Mission

Follow every moment of our journey. . .

Donald N. Rozman  (K-Dad/K-Dogs Dad)

Founder/Executive Director

An Idea Is Born

From the start of simply trying to survive, to the Legacy of Kyle.  The Rozman family and members, have worked hard to create something that was much needed in every community.  Bullying no longer finishes at school.  Social media has been used to destroy an innocent life.  Children have committed suicide because of bullying.  It has become time for EVERYONE to get involve in someway.  K-Dogs Kidz Mission welcomes any new member that cares about the future of todays children.  NO CHILD needs to hit a level where they feel their are no answers.  We ask parents to reach out to their children and to check on their friends.  By working with victims and also the bully (when possible) we get the best results.  We must change children at an early age.  High School, College and the work life can be affected when issues are not dealt with at this early age.

The Best Passenger I could of ever had. . .

    For 11+ years,  I was fortunate to live with an amazing son and to have a Mini-Me!  As I have always pushed my adventures to the max.  Kyle wanted to be at my side doing the same off the wall wild activities.  I tried to give Kyle the best in everything that I could do.  Kyle's life should of never been taken away.  Kyle was involved in a tragic car accident.  (due to driver carelessness)

    Kyle was a gifted student, excelling on the electric guitar and a Black Belt in mixed martial arts.  Kyle swam with dolphins, sharks, stingrays and walked on the bottom of the ocean.  Kyle traveled to many places including other countries.  Due to his experiences, Kyle wanted to be the 1st RockStar/Marine Biologist.  He was jamming away on the guitar and got to work with the Pittsburgh Zoo, marine biologist in charge of the shark exhibit.  Kyle was known for his kindness, his smile and his willingness to help others.  Kyle, actually taught his father to show more kindness.

    The amount of memorials dedicated to Kyle is amazing!   Events by his Highcliff Elementary School, by the school talent show, his 6th grade graduating class, the North Hills High School 2021  graduating class, Brighton music center, Squishy Films independent film company, Pgh Zoo/Aquarium and K-Dogs Kidz Mission has carried Kyle's name far.   Kyle was even awarded with an actual High School Graduation Diploma and a full page in the 2021 Yearbook.

    Love and missed by so many,  Kyle continues to change the world with his Legacy of Kindness by the K-Dogs Kidz members and followers.  We here many people say, "They found God". 

I did not, "God found Me through Kyle"

 - Thank you,

          K-Dogs Dad

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