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North Allegheny Co. Mission

The beginning of our journey 

Thank you Pastor Chris Hezlep (Ridgewood Church-Assembly of God)

Rebecca Seckman (Ramblingroze)

N. Allegheny Co. Mission Leader

Rebecca was a part of Kyle's life through Ridgewood Church.  She got to witness many aspects of Kyle always participating in the church events.  Since the day that K-Dogs was first decided on, Rebecca has been a huge part of the Mission.  With a background of Child Youth Servive and helping to raise 4 additional children that were aged in a difficult time of adoption.  This was in addition to her own 3 children.  Her prior experience and connections were excellent to be the first Mission Leader of North Allegheny County, now know as Allegheny Mission.

K-Dogs Beginning. . .

Without the trust and leadership of Pastor Chris Hezlep, K-Dogs Kidz would of never began.  I chose Ridgewood Church after searching for the right place to give Kyle the best in understanding God.  Pastor Benjamin Kaufman was truly a blessing to have as a Children's Pastor for Kyle.

Thank you to the Original Christian Church that helped to carry on Kyle's Memory.

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