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God has a great plan for your child.

Do not allow Bullying or ANY Disabilities to affect your child.  K-Dogs Kidz Mission is a nonprofit doing it's best to help every young child they can.  The anti-bullying program has been working and improving since 2014. 

K-Dogs Kidz was founded in memory of Kyle, the Original K-Dog.  Designed to keep Kyle's name alive by teaching what he believed in.  The simple fact of treating others as you want to be treated.  Kyle was part of his father's program in teaching Honor, Respect and Courtesy in martial arts.  Kyle also began to ride the motorcycle with his dad at many motorcycle charity rides.  

Why K-Dogs Kidz?   -In Kyle's words:

"Dad, this is cool!  All the motorcycles come together, block traffic, go through red lights, stop signs and over the speed limit.  The police help and even wave to us.  Then at the end, we have helped someone!"

Somehow, Kyle compared charity events to Robinhood. Lol

His dad could no longer handle teaching martial arts classes to children.  So, this seemed like the best idea which Kyle would watch over and love.  Also, it was a way for his father to continue life until he would see him again one day.

From the first day, K-Dogs accepted not only motorcycle riders but anyone willing to truly help the children.  Just as martial arts used to be the attraction to get a child's attention.  K-Dogs uses motorcycles and unique cars as a way to get the children to open up.

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Your Area One-Day

What to Expect

Our goal is to help decrease and hopefully put an end to any bullying in the areas we serve.  We strive to be a support system for children who are affected by bullying, as well as those who display bullying behaviors.

K-Dogs Kidz take great pride by offering the motorcycle and specialty car experience to our children with disabilities,

  • Meet the child and family

  • Prepare an action plan

  • Work directly with the child

  • Anti-Bullying School Presentation

  • Meet with the principle

  • Speak with the school board

  • Motorcycle and Unique Vehical rides

  • Support service

  • K-Dogs Kidz Jr Leader Membership

What To Do Next

Reach out and contact K-Dogs Kidz Mission directly or by contacting the closest Chapter/Mission by you.  Together we can discuss a process to start with that best suits your child and the situation.  Personal visits, special rides, school assemblies and our famous school pickups are only an example of everything we will do for a child.  If we do not have a K-Dogs in your area,  We encourage you to reach out.  Often a letter, call or message to your child can help.  They need  to understand they are not alone.  Coming from K-Dogs, can often assist the child's parent during these times.

Helping your child in the first signs of bullying is always the best.  Let K-Dogs be their extra support system.  The more involved bullying has become, the harder it will be to stop.   K-Dogs Kidz Mission will do everything they can for a child.

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