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Lawrence Co. Mission

Enjoying every minute of our journey. . .

Dr. Candice J. Macri  (Doc)

Lawrence County Mission Leader

The personality and intelligence of Dr Macri, is a true representation of Kyle,  She was a gifted student as Kyle was and  Co- Valedictorian of Union High School, After receiving a 4 year scholarship which was something already discussed about for Kyle.  Doc carried on to become anOptometrist.  Just like Kyle she loved the Marvel Superhero movies.  Unbelievable, that this amazing lady was volunteering at the Zombie Festivals at the same time Kyle was there with his dad!  It's truly believed that God and Kyle began to get tired of his behavior and connected the two together.  Both God and Kyle needed to take a break with his mishaps.  So, they needed a strong Christian woman to watch over him!  This meeting was no accident.   There was every reason that Dr. Macri and K-Dogs Dad, should of never met.   Only those two above from Heaven could have done this.

K-Dogs wants the best for all members.

     Starting as a passenger and supporter of the K-Dogs Kidz Mission,  Candice Macri became a patched member, the current Mission Leader and then a Biker!  That is not for everyone,  K-Dogs wants not only the children to flourish but the members as well into whatever they chose to do.  Lawrence Co. is fortunate to receive help regularly by Butler and Ohio K-Dogs members, Veterans, Abate and the community as it begins to grow.

    Due to the amount of misunderstanding.  K-Dogs pushes others to understand the various aspects of Autism.   K-Dogs works with many autistic children due to bullying.  Our goal is to educate others.

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